The hair and makeup is expected to last the entire day and nigh but touch ups are made before artist leaves. Touch ups after the ceremony can be book in advance based on availability. Pricing for touch ups is based on a per hour rate. The time starts after all initial services are completed.
We highly recommend that the bride gets her hair and makeup done in the middle of the getting ready process. Touch ups will be done at the end, before the team departs.
To hold the date, we require a $50 deposit and a signed contract. Once we have your contract and process your $50 deposit, then your services will officially be booked with Hair and Makeup I Do.
Our team typically takes around 45 min to 1 hour per style and 1hr for makeup depending on the style.
The trial is not required for booking your services. Doing a trial is at your discretion, but is highly recommended to get an idea of what your bridal look will be for wedding day.
Once a deposit is given, the $50 non- refundable deposit will not be returned. In order to cancel your services on wedding day, we require a signed cancellation form.
The trial includes one bridal hairstyle and one bridal makeup look. You can bring pictures of different hairstyles/makeup looks you like and your stylist will consult with you as to which one she thinks will work best for you based on your hair, face shape, dress and other details about your wedding.
The client is financially responsible for all services on the contract. Services may not be removed from the contract once signed and deposit has been processed. Services can be added to the contract at any time, time allowing. Once the services have been added to the total, the contract will be adjusted accordingly.
For best results on wedding day, it is recommended to wash your hair the night before the wedding. If you are concerned about your hair getting too oily, don’t worry, we have dry shampoo spray that will absorb the oils. For hair that is curly/wavy/frizzy, please have it blown out with a round brush until smooth.
We accept payment/s through venmo the day of the event, if there is any other add on.
Traditional and airbrush makeup are both great for bridal and professional photography. Both are long lasting and will make you look flawless. The main difference is whether your skin is dry or oily and if you need a little or a lot of coverage. Typically, the airbrush is better for oily skin types and for maximum coverage. If you have normal to dry skin and need light to medium coverage, the traditional makeup would work best.